Certified Vehicle Appraising Courses

Certified Vehicle Appraiser Courses

Our Newest Program - Learn to Appraise Antique, Collectible, Custom, Vintage Cars, Motorcycles, RV, off-road, and more...
The whole world has had a love affair with vehicles since Henry Ford made autos affordable. Here, at last, is an affordable, comprehensive program to prepare you to appraise all vehicles. This market is burgeoning and there is need for appraisers who are trained and certified.
Get the hands-on experience you need, plus consistent instruction in assessing, researching and preparing appraisals.
Information and techniques that are tried and true, simple, and easy-to-follow.
• All types of vehicles: motorcycles, RVs, off-road, etc.
• Our program will also prepare you for the enormous and expanding aftermarket industry of parts, books, videos, car shows, auctions...
Classes include hands-on “lab” time with a range of old cars.
Appraisals are needed for:
• Insurance,
• Probate,
• Restoration,
• Dissolution, and
• Donation.
Americans spend millions and millions of dollars on their cars each year. The aftermarket for collectibles and useables is large and growing. Learn to earn income in this lucrative world.
Our Certified Vehicle Appraiser Program is step-by-step, hands-on and completely affordable. We know of no other program like it.


Certified Vehicle Appraising Courses

CVA-101 Introduction to Auto Appraising Antiques, Classies and Vintage Cars– 3 days


• What is Antique, Collectible, Vintage, Custom
• Who made/makes them
• Learn to look at cars
• Assessing condition
• Restoration vs. original
• Introduction to appraising
• How to find values – books and online

CVA-102 Appraising and Valuing Custom Cars, Hot Rods


3 days • The various kinds of appraisals • Learn about and techniques of repairs, restorations, how they affect value • Appraising for and during restoration • Learn how to use the critical price and condition guides and other research tools.

CVA-103 Motorcycles, Boats, Damage Evaluation


Basict echniques for assessing damage on pre 1970 cars • Learn how to develop clients, the after market, and how to make money from this expanding market.