Graduate Certified Gemology Program

Graduate Certified Gemology Program

Taught by certified Gemologists, this program prepares you to identify, vale and grade gems, pearls and estate jewelry. Learn the laws, ethics of appraising and how to create reports for insurance, estates, attorneys and retail.

These courses will be offered soon. Call for dates !!!

GEC-1200 Gemology I - Diamond ID and Grading

How the "4 Cs" apply to quality and beauty in diamonds. How to use gem ID instruments.

GEC-1201 Gemology II - Colored Stone ID

GEC-1202 Gemology III - Colored Stone Grading

The GIA Grading system.Learn to grade, measure and weigh transparent and faceted stones.

GEC-1203GEC-1203 Gemology IV

PearlsIdentification of natural and cultured pearls.Identification of stimulants and manmade pearls.

GEC-1204 Gemology V

Estate Jewelry, Fine Jewelry

​GEC-1205 Gemology VI

Research, Valuation, Report WritingThis course includes the final exam.