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Collectibles Appraising Certificate Program

Any of these courses can also be taken for personal enrichment...

To obtain theCertified Collectibles Appraisercertificate, students are required to complete the three collectibles courses, plus Appraising 1001 A and B.

A "must do" program for collectors, estate sellers and dealers.

CCA-1101 Collectibles I - Childhood Items
• This class explores collectibles from 19th century to the present.
• Learn how to date and rate items through understanding of the manufacturing techniques and learning about the marketplace.
• Learn about resources and references and how to spot reproductions. Learn to recognize the values in items frequently overlooked.
• Dolls, Teddy Bears, GI Joes, die cast cars, wind-up and battery operated trains and mdel kits, Disney and much more...

GEC-1102 Collectibles II - Downtown America
• This class explores collectibles from mid 19th century to the present.
• Identify and value collectibles based on age, condition, materials and manufacturing techniques.
• Learn what drives the prices, wherte to find resources, how to spot reproductions and basic appraisal tools.
• Lots of hands on samples including advertising, barber shop, old West, drug store items, police and fire memorabilia, movie, magazines, comic books, sports and much more...

GEC-1103 Collectibles III - Household Contents
• This course looks at household items: radios, TVs, books, fountain pens, tools, telephones, cigarette lighters and tons more...
• Learn to understand the marketplace, rate condition, techniques for dating, how to recognize reproductions and how to prepare an appraisal.
• Practical hands-on coursework, plus a review of the "world's best collectible."