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College for Appraisers has been offering education in Antiques Appraising since 1980. Our home study program was developed in 1992 and closely follows our on-campus curriculum. It includes a total of 10 courses with video lectures, notes and texts. Nine courses are specifically focused on antiques: GL-201 (Art Glass of the World) and GL-202 (American Art Glass - through the 20th Century), PO-301 (English and Continental Pottery), PO-302 (American Pottery); FR-401 (Furniture Through the Golden Age - antiquity to 1800) and FR-402 (Furniture of the Industrial Revolution - 1800 to 1950); JE-501 (Jewelry); PR-601 (Early Americana/Primitives); and ME-801 (Metals).

The 10th class, AP-1000 (Appraising Theory and Practice Laboratory), is a comprehensive four-day course in researching and writing appraisals. It includes software and licenses for writing appraisals and customer contact letters; it is offered in California.

We believe that our courses have more content than other alternatives you may find to learning this material -- including the very expensive week-end workshops that require both travel and hotel stays. The teachers who have prepared the course video lectures are certified and expert. Both they and our staff are available to assist you throughout your studies if you have any questions, want to discuss anything or want input on a potential treasure.

How long to finish? This depends of course on how much time you can devote to the program. Each course takes on average 24 hours to complete. A good number of our students finish in 3 - 6 months.

Can you take only some courses? YES. You can take any number of our courses, but to become certified, you need to complete all 10. We also require that our graduates take the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) exam. This is a national certification that you may take with us or anywhere it is given.

Completing these distance courses leads to a Certificate in Antiques Appraising. Upon completion of the distance learning courses you will be certified to appraise personal property and your certificate is recognized.

Our students and graduates remain "networked" and available for advice and referrals. The college also makes referrals to our graduates throughout the country.